In memory of Prof. Dr. Rumen Arnaudov
(1947 – 2021)

We were fellow students with Prof. Dr. Rumen Arnaudov. Together we graduated with a degree in Radio Engineering in 1972 at the Faculty of Radio Electronics of VMEI-Sofia. Extremely contactable, always smiling, he brought and conveyed optimism to his colleagues. He had many friends from other specialties as well. The other thing I remember him with is his practicality and striving for everything he learned at the University to be realized in life. He didn’t like hollow theories. He remained this way later as a lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Communication Technics and Technologies. The developments he led always ended in practical implementation. Scientific supervisor of his dissertation in the field of radio measurement was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pencho Krastev. In this scientific field he entered the department initially as a research associate. Later he was a lecturer for a short time in the Electronic production technologies Department. He mainly taught in Radio Communications and Video Technologies Department. He created a team of young researchers, PhD students, assistants and contributed a lot to the development and validation of radio measurement, not only in the department but also in the Faculty. As Dean he sought and managed to find ways to collaborate with many companies in the field of telecommunications. For the first time on his initiative the renovation of the faculty started thanks to the lasting connections with commercial organizations. This initiative continues to this day. He has an undoubted contribution to the modernization of the material base of the Faculty. I remember at the Faculty councils Prof. Arnaudov insisted that all faculty members strive to develop relationships with companies as a place where students could acquire practical skills and support their future realization after graduation. He always sought means to support young colleagues in their development. It is his exceptional merit to create and establish the ICEST conference as an authoritative international scientific forum. The name of this conference cannot be pronounced without the name of Prof. Arnaudov. He left lasting memories not only among his fellow students and colleagues from Technical University of Sofia, but among colleagues from the companies in the field of telecommunications, with which he worked. His merits for the development of both the Department and the Faculty are remarkable.


Prof. Dr. Dimiter Dimitrov
Chairman of the ICEST conference
March 19th, 2021
Sofia, Bulgaria