The conference registration fee includes a publication of one (1) paper in the Conference Proceedings.

A paper that is not covered by the registration fee will not be published in the Conference Proceedings nor in the IEEE Xplore® digital library.


In order to receive a Proforma Invoice for payment of registration fees, please contact .


In order for conference to receive payment in full, authors must cover any transfer related fees which are to be paid to author’s bank on top of the amount authors are sending.

Most banks charge a fee for initiating a bank transfer, but the amount of the possible fee depends on your bank and any intermediary bank they may use. However, when in doubt you should always contact your bank directly to ask if and how much they charge for initiating the transfer of funds. Always let your bank know that you will cover all fees associated with the transfer prior to initiating your payment either by contacting them directly or by indicating you will do so when filling out a transfer application form online or at your local bank branch.

When making a SWIFT international transfer, field 71A on the form provided by your bank asks who will pay the transfer fees. You should always select “OUR” to avoid banks deducting additional fees for your transfer after completing your payment.