ICEST 2021 Proceedings of Papers

The ICEST 2021 Proceedings of Papers have been published in the IEEE Digital Xplore Library.

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ICEST 2021 Program

In order to join a session, click on its name. The Google Meet platform supports all the sessions through a modern web-browser without the need of installing any software. You could enable your camera and microphone, so the other participants can see and hear you. All the sessions will be recorded. If you’d like to view author’s pre-recorded video presentation or deposited poster – click on the title of the paper below from the session list it belongs to. All hours are Bulgarian time which is Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) or UTC/GMT+3.

You could reach the program in pdf format here.

Abstracts of papers are being published here.


June 16, 2021, Wednesday

09:00 – 12:00 Registration, Reception Hall

15:00 – 18:00 Registration, Reception Hall 

10:00 – 11:00 – Opening Ceremony, Room A

11:00 – 11:30 Plenary Lecture – Amelio, A., Data science methods in healthcare: a research perspective, Room A (Online presentation)


12:00 Welcome Party


15:00 – 16:45 Room A

Computer Systems, Internet Technologies, Digital Signal and Image Processing

Oral Presentations

Chairman: R. Mironov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Secretary: N. Christoff, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Paper ID 70 – Jankovic, R., I. Mihajlovic, A. Amelio, I. Draganov, Predicting the Ecological Footprint: A Case Study for Italy, Pakistan and China (Presentation, Online)
  2. Paper ID 29 – Mitev, Y., D. Dimitrov, IT Service Management Challenges in Condition of Pandemic and Post-pandemic Environment (Presentation), Slides
  3. Paper ID 21 – Georgiev, G., O. Panagiev, Unsubscribe rate of chatbots users received broadcast messages for France, Germany, Russia, and the global market (Presentation)
  4. Paper ID 40 – Vladimirov, I., D. Nikolova, Z. Terneva, Overview of Methods for 3D Reconstruction of Human Models with Applications in Fashion E-commerce (Presentation, Sozopol)
  5. Paper ID 41 – Nikolova, D., I. Vladimirov, Z. Terneva, Human Action Recognition for Pose-based Attention: Methods on the Framework of Image Processing and Deep Learning (Presentation, Sozopol)
  6. Paper ID 45 – Christoff, N., Improving a Digital Elevation Model of Mars Based on Principal Curvature Directions (Presentation, Sozopol)
  7. Paper ID 61 – Mironov, R., I. Draganov, Local Adaptive LMS Filtration of Multidimensional Images (Presentation, Sozopol)


15:00 – 16:30 Poster Room

Engineering Education, Energy Systems and Efficiency

Poster Presentations

Chairman: V. Georgieva, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Secretary: V. Shterev, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Paper ID 8 – Yordanova, M., An Approach to Application of the Event Tree Analysis for Electrical Safety Risk Assessment (Poster, Online)
  2. Paper ID 9 – Yordanova, M., Application of the Situational Teaching Method in the Electrical Safety Education (Poster, Online)
  3. Paper ID 24 – Sheiretsky, K., S. Antonov, Formal Method for Finding Asymptotic Approximations (Poster)
  4. Paper ID 33 – Vasileva M., Using simulation modeling to study overvoltages in the electrical networks (Poster, Online)
  5. Paper ID 53 – Laskov, L., V. Georgieva, Analysis of Amplitude Modulation and Demodulation in MATLAB Simulink Environment (Poster)
  6. Paper ID 16 – Mehmed-Hamza, M., A. Filipov, M. Ivanova, Research and Analysis of Faults in Medium Voltage Distribution Grids (Poster, Online)
  7. Paper ID 23 – Parushev, P., Study of Hydrogen Production by Electrolysis of Spring Waters from Bulgaria (Poster)
  8. Paper ID 27 – Kalinkov, K., V. Markova, T. Ganchev, The Effect of Acute Stress on the Performance of Students in Engineering Education (Poster)
  9. Paper ID 75 – Trushev, I., S. Sehati, D. Patil, On the Minimal Fire Power for Heat Detection (Poster)


16:30 – 17:00 Coffee break


17:00 – 19:00 Room A

Engineering Education, Energy Systems and Efficiency

Oral Presentations

Chairman: D. Nikolov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Secretary: D. Nikolova, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Paper ID 26 – Atanasovski, M., M. Kostov, B. Arapinoski, M. Spirovski, Integration of New RES in Power System of North Macedonia (Presentation, Online)
  2. Paper ID 34 – Anackovski, F., M. Kostov, R. Pasic, I. Kuzmanov, The Impact of Industry 4.0 on Education and Future Jobs (Presentation, Sozopol)
  3. Paper ID 37 – Popovski, P., G. Veljanovski, B. Arapinoski, M. Atanasovski, Electromagnetic analysis of synchronous generator (Presentation, Online)
  4. Paper ID 39 – Strejovski, I., N. Acevski, M. Spirovski, Application of Matlab Tool for Analysis of Complex Grounding Systems of Overhead Power Lines (Presentation)
  5. Paper ID 68 – Gade, S., R. Agrawal, D. Patil, S. Antonov, Optimal utilization of UPQC at different operating condition using TLBO (Presentation, Online)
  6. Paper ID 11 – Valkovski, T., K. Dimitrov, Reception of audio signals received from different LEDs used in the low cost LI-FI systems (Presentation, Online)
  7. Paper ID 12 – Terziev, V., T. Valkovski, K. Dimitrov, I. Damyanov, Monitoring of disk brakes vs drum brakes using infrared thermography (Presentation, Online)


17:00 – 19:00 Poster Room

Computer Systems, Internet Technologies, Digital Signal and Image Processing

Poster Presentations

Chairman: V. Markova, Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria

Secretary: I. Vladimirov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Paper ID 15 – Dimitrova, E., D. Dimitrova, V. Dimitrov, V. Trifonov, Contemporary Authentication Access Approach for High Security Information Systems (Poster, Online)
  2. Paper ID 31 – Nikolov, N., Nakov, O., Gotseva, D., Operating systems for IoT devices (Poster, Sozopol)
  3. Paper ID 36 – Nikolov, N., Nakov, O., Gotseva, D., Research of MQTT versus LwM2M IoT communication protocols for IoT (Poster, Sozopol)
  4. Paper ID 42 – Yosifova, V., D. Chikurtev, Communication system for remote control of infrared heating (Poster, Sozopol)
  5. Paper ID 7 – Kirilov, N., Kirilova, E., Classifying Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Images Using Machine Learning (Poster, Online)
  6. Paper ID 14 – Kurochka, K., K. Panarin, An algorithm of segmentation of a human spine X-ray image with the help of Mask R-CNN neural network for the purpose of vertebrae localization (Poster, Online) 
  7. Paper ID 43 – Terneva, Z., I. Vladimirov, D. Nikolova, Accessing LinkedIn and Google E-mail Databases Using Kali Linux and TheHarvester (Poster, Sozopol)


June 17, 2021, Thursday

09:00 – 12:00 Registration, Reception Hall

14:00 – 17:00 Registration, Reception Hall


14:00 – 15:45 Room A

Digital Signal and Image Processing 2

Oral Presentations

Chairman: B. Stošić, University of Niš, Serbia

Secretary: D. Tsvetkova, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Paper ID 13 – Stošić, B., Improved Classes of CIC Filter Functions: Design and Analysis of the Quantized-Coefficient Errors (Presentation, Sozopol)
  2. Paper ID 67 – Kostić, I., G. Stančić, S. Cvetković, Sensitivity of notch filters realized by parallel connection of allpass subfilters (Presentation, Online)
  3. Paper ID 28 – Ivaylov, I., M. Lazarova, A. Manolova, Multimodal Motor Imagery BCI Based on EEG and NIRS (Presentation, Online)
  4. Paper ID 25 – Ziani, D., S. M. Meriah, F. Derraz, L. Merad, A planar MIMO UWB array design for high-resolution microwave imaging (Presentation, Online)
  5. Paper ID 46 – Pavlova, M., A Comparison of the Accuracies of a Convolution Neural Network Built on Different Types of Convolution Layers (Presentation, Sozopol)
  6. Paper ID 62 – Georgieva, V., P. Petrov, D. Tsvetkova, L. Laskov, MRI/SPECT Image Fusion of Brain Based on Multi-Scale Wavelet Decomposition (Presentation, Sozopol)
  7. Paper ID 17 – Draganov, I., R. Mironov, 3D SUSAN Filtering of CT Images with Adaptive Selection of the Brightness Threshold (Presentation, Online)


14:00 – 15:30 Poster Room

Radio Communications, Microwaves, Antennas

Poster Presentations

Chairman: B. Bonev, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Secretary: D. Petkova, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Paper ID 47 – Kumar, V., H. Singh, K. Saxena, B. Bonev, R. Prasad, Approximations for ITU Rain Model using Machine Learning (Poster, Sozopol)
  2. Paper ID 48 – Singh, H., V. Kumar, K. Saxena, B. Bonev, R. Prasad, Prediction of Radio Wave Attenuation due to Cloud using Machine Learning Techniques (Poster, Sozopol)
  3. Paper ID 52 – Stojanovic, N. Sekulovic, A. Panajotovic, P. Popovic, M. Protic, Wireless channel prediction using ensemble of Extreme Learning Machines (Poster, Sozopol)
  4. Paper ID 54 – Lubich, L., I. Dochev, L. Docheva, S. Manev, Development and study of a small radar (Poster, Sozopol)
  5. Paper ID 60 – Panagiev, O., Investigation of the interference in signal transfer between different cable operators in CATV/HFC interlaced cable distribution networks (Poster, Online)


15:30 – 16:00 Coffee break


16:00 – 17:15 Room A

Antennas and Control Systems

Oral Presentations

Chairman: P. Petkov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Secretary: I. Nachev, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Paper ID 32 – Nachev, I., I. Iliev, Improving an antenna radiation pattern using photonic band gap structure (Presentation, Sozopol)
  2. Paper ID 38 – Arslan, I. A., G. Altin, A Novel Deep Neural Network Based Antenna Selection Architecture for Spatial Modulation Systems (Presentation, Online)
  3. Paper ID 76 – Marinkovic, Z., G. Gugliandolo, G. Campobello, G. Crupi, N. Donato, Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Modeling of the Frequency-Dependent Performance of Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators (Presentation, Online)
  4. Paper ID 74 – Mladenov, G., I. Damyanov, T. Valkovski, Research and selection of parameters determining the efficiency of the braking system of cars to improve traffic safety and environmental performance (Presentation, Online)
  5. Paper ID 30 – Petkova, D., P. Petkov, Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Patch Antenna Design using FEM Simulation Technique (Presentation, Sozopol)


16:00 – 18:30 Poster Room

Informatics, Computer Science, Electronics, Control Systems, Digital Signal and Image Processing 2

Poster Presentations

Chairman: R. Miletiev, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Secretary: D. Kireva-Mihova, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

  1. Paper ID 18 – Iliev, D. N. Madjarov, R. Ilarionov, Methods to Increase Distance in Wireless Power Transfer Systems (Poster, Sozopol)
  2. Paper ID 22 – Kireva-Mihova, D., K. Mirchev, B. Boyadjiev, Authorization Concept in the 4th Railway Package (Poster)
  3. Paper ID 35 – Brusev, T., Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter Designed for PCB Applications (Poster, Online)
  4. Paper ID 64 – Rusev, R., G. Angelov, B. Tzaneva, M. Aleksandrova, Electrophoretic Deposition of Rochelle Salt on Cu2O Plate (Poster, Sozopol)
  5. Paper ID 71 – Kolev, S., Designing a NFC system (Poster, Online), Presentation
  6. Paper ID 72 – Miletiev, R., E. Iontchev, R. Yordanov, Design of navigation system with multiband GNSS receiver with RTK and DR algorithms (Poster, Sozopol), Poster
  7. Paper ID 19 – Genchev, P., Analysis of changes in the probability of an incident with information security (Poster, Online)
  8. Paper ID 20 – Rogan, I., O. Pronić-Rančić, Forecasting the volume of postal services using Savitzky-Golay filter modification (Poster, Online)
  9. Paper ID 50 – Sheiretsky, K., S. Antonov, Criteria for the Existence of a Sustainable Limit Cycle. Application of the Criteria in the First Approximation for the Van der Pol Equation (Poster)
  10. Paper ID 51 – Angelevska, B., I. Andreevski, V. Atanasova, Crowd-sourcing: Citizens as scientists for air pollution monitoring (Poster, Online)


20:00 Official Dinner

Lazur Summer Holiday House Restaurant


June 18, 2021, Friday

Free Program

ICEST 2021 is IEEE registered conference #52640

Technical co-sponsors:
IEEE Bulgaria Section
IEEE Serbia and Montenegro Section
IEEE Republic of North Macedonia Section


In memory of Prof. Dr. Rumen Arnaudov
(1947 – 2021)
Chairman of the International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies (ICEST)

We were fellow students with Prof. Dr. Rumen Arnaudov. Together we graduated with a degree in Radio Engineering in 1972 at the Faculty of Radio Electronics of VMEI-Sofia. Extremely contactable, always smiling, he brought and conveyed optimism to his colleagues. He had many friends from other specialties as well. The other thing I remember him with is his practicality and striving for everything he learned at the University to be realized in life. He didn't like hollow theories. He remained this way later as a lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Communication Technics and Technologies. The developments he led always ended in practical implementation. Scientific supervisor of his dissertation in the field of radio measurement was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pencho Krastev. In this scientific field he entered the department initially as a research associate. Later he was a lecturer for a short time in the Electronic production technologies Department. He mainly taught in Radio Communications and Video Technologies Department. He created a team of young researchers, PhD students, assistants and contributed a lot to the development and validation of radio measurement, not only in the department but also in the Faculty. As Dean he sought and managed to find ways to collaborate with many companies in the field of telecommunications. For the first time on his initiative the renovation of the faculty started thanks to the lasting connections with commercial organizations. This initiative continues to this day. He has an undoubted contribution to the modernization of the material base of the Faculty. I remember at the Faculty councils Prof. Arnaudov insisted that all faculty members strive to develop relationships with companies as a place where students could acquire practical skills and support their future realization after graduation. He always sought means to support young colleagues in their development. It is his exceptional merit to create and establish the ICEST conference as an authoritative international scientific forum. The name of this conference cannot be pronounced without the name of Prof. Arnaudov. He left lasting memories not only among his fellow students and colleagues from Technical University of Sofia, but among colleagues from the companies in the field of telecommunications, with which he worked. His merits for the development of both the Department and the Faculty are remarkable.

Prof. Dr. Dimiter Dimitrov
Chairman of the ICEST conference
March 19th, 2021
Sofia, Bulgaria

Welcome to ICEST 2021

Dear Colleagues, We are happy to announce that the 56th International Scientific Conference on Information, Communication and Energy Systems and Technologies ICEST 2021 will be held through June 16-18, 2021, in Sozopol, Bulgaria.   ICEST 2021 is IEEE registered conference #52640. More information you could find on The conference is kindly co-sponsored by IEEE Bulgaria Section, IEEE […]

ICEST 2021 Important Dates

Submission of papers: April 18, 2021 Notification of acceptance: April 30, 2021 Program publishing: May 15, 2021 ICEST 2021: June 16-18, 2021

Instructions for authors

LANGUAGE Camera-ready papers must be prepared in English language. Papers will be presented in English language. PAPER PREPARING Original, previously unpublished papers with scientific and technical contributions are expected. Maximal length of the regular papers is 4 pages, and for invited paper 10 pages. It is desired to occupy even number of pages (2 or […]