Measurements, Control Systems and ICT (ECI)
Friday, September 11 15:00 – 17:00



Aleksandar Atanasković, University of Niš, Serbia

Rosen Miletiev, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria



ECI.1 (ICEST2020_07)

Measurement and analysis of PM particles emitted by automotive brakes

Rosen Miletiev, Emil Iontchev and Rumen Yordanov

Presenter: Rosen Miletiev, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria



ECI.2 (ICEST2020_17)

Investigation of the method of RMS measurement based on moving averaging

Anna Kostina, Plamen Tzvetkov and Andrey Serov

Presenter: Andrey N. Serov, National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Russia; 


ECI.3 (ICEST2020_36)

Monitoring of Air Pollution in Skopje in Order to Determine Possible Causes

Vladimir Mijakovski and Monika Lutovska



ECI.4 (ICEST2020_56)

Load Disturbance Rejection in Hydro Turbine Control Based on Wiener Filtering

Teofana Puleva and Elena Haralanova

Presenter: Teofana Puleva, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria,


ECI.5 (ICEST2020_57)

Multi-Objective LMI Based Robust State-Feedback Design of a Hydro Generator Speed Controller

Andrey Yonchev and Teofana Puleva

Presenters: Andrey Yonchev,  Teofana Puleva, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria,


ECI.6 (ICEST2020_18)

Impact of microclimate changes and noise to workers as a part of an implemented Health and Safety System

Ivo Kuzmanov and Roberto Pasic

Presenter: Ivo Kuzmanov, Faculty of Technical Science in Bitola, Nort Macedonia


ECI.7 (ICEST2020_49)

Hardware implementation and comparison of CRA and TRA when trying to recover the AES-128 key

Ivaylo Vladimirov, Desislava Nikolova and Zornitsa Terneva

Presenter: Ivaylo Vladimirov, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria


ECI.8 (ICEST2020_50)

Software implementation of CRA and TRA to recover the AES-128 key using side-channel signals with Python3

Desislava Nikolova, Ivaylo Vladimirov and Zornitsa Terneva

Presenter: Desislava Nikolova, Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria